How did it start?

End of 2016 we were serching for a VPS with at least 512GB disk, 512MB RAM and with a price of around $5 / month. We couldn't find any provider with these specs/price so we decided to reinvent SpiderVPS... for 5$ / month you get 512GB disk, 512MB RAM, 2 CPU cores... 1x IPv4 and 1x IPv6 are included as well.

We're aware this offer is not for everybody. You might need the speed offered by SSDs or the CPU power offered by an Intel Xeon. If that's the case, this website is not addressed to you.

To start with, there are three packages available:
- The Small One - offering 512GB of storage
- The Medium One - offering 1,024GB of storage
- The Large One - offering 2,048GB of storage.

Head over to the Pricing section to order the one you need.

The main idea of these VPS nodes are to be used for backup purposes or websites with low activity.