1. Where are the servers hosted?
    All SpiderVPS servers are hosted in Hetzner DC, Germany.

  2. How come your offer has such a low price, but such a huge disk space?
    SpiderVPS uses RAID-6 for the storage servers. While this doesn't provide the best performance configuration, we consider it pretty safe. It's not 100% safe, so don't rely ONLY on it as a backup mechanism. Also, your VM (considering you have only one) is hosted on one single dedicated server - this is a single point of failure.

  3. Do you offer refunds?
    We have a 7 days refund policy, no questions asked, unless you disobey #6.

  4. What uptime should I expect?
    The servers are hosted in Hetzner and they offer a 99.9% uptime SLA.

  5. What performance should I expect?
    The dedicated servers are shared between multiple users and we do expect our users to use the drives from time to time. If you notice there's high disk IO, try scheduling your backups / operation at a later time. We do monitor disk/cpu/network activity for each VM and we will restart your VM if it's generating high disk IO or high CPU usage for periods longer than one hour.

  6. Do you allow website hosting? Torrents? Porn? VPN? Internet Scanning? x-Coin mining?
    Legal websites - yes.
    Torrents - no. No excuses, your VPS will be immediately terminated.
    Porn - no. No excuses, your VPS will be immediately terminated.
    VPN - yes.
    Internet Scanning - no. No excuses, your VPS will be immediately terminated.

  7. What virtualization do you use?
    We use KVM.

  8. Are your servers oversold?
    We do expect that at any given point it time, all VMs hosted on one dedicated box will not use all their allocated CPU resources, so yes, if that would happen, you could say that we oversell the CPU. However the RAM and disk space are not oversold. Your allocated LVM is fully exposed to the hypervisor.
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